Sell 8 Channels H.264 + Mpeg4 Software Compression Cards

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1) High speed network transmission
2) Superior image clarity, built with 9-bit ADCs (upgraded from 8-bit ADCs)
3) Easy to installation and use GUI (Graphical User Interface)
4) Free Software upgradeable

Main functions:
1) 8 channel real-time monitoring
2) Superior image clarity , built with 9-bit ADCs (upgraded from 8-bit ADCs)
3) Image color can be adjusted individually by software
4) Search the history DVR file by date / time and camera number and multi-
channel playback which have the multi-functions of speed control, pictures
printing, image catch
5) Support insert 2 card in the same PC form to 16 channel real-time
monitoring and insert 3-4 card in the same PC form to 24-32 ch near real-
time monitoring, en-818m and en-214m can be inserted in the same PC to
form 12 real-time channel DVR
6) Multi screen monitoring, 1,4,9,16 ,25,36 split Screen available
7) Support display 8 / 12 / 16 channel video in 4 screen mode by rotate and
setting rotate interval
8) Supports motion-detection in each channel designated area, and equiped
with alarm system, attach pictures and email, video recorded, and the
sensitivity of the move detection can be adjusted
9) Compact picture storage, image are compressed down to an small DVR file
using MPEG-4, low hard disk consumption, 50 - 150M per hour of action for
each channel
10) Can create new users and right management
11) Supports scheduled continue or motion-detection recording
12) Supports PTZ control
13) High quality picture transmission over PSTN, ADSL, ISDN & LAN network,
super network due to excellent compression algorithm and small digital
14) Remote viewing / recording (backup) / playback / PTZ control by IE
15) Supports watermark technology, the video file cannot be edited
16) Supports dynamic IP by dynamic domain name
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