Sell 8 Types of Beer from Oustanding Micro Brewery in Brazil

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This is one of the most important micro-breweries in Brazil, located in Southern Brazil, in an area of strong German immigrant influence. The company produces 8 different kinds of beer and one beer liqueur. LONG NECKS,330ml. The beers are: Pilsener, Dunkel, Pale Ale, Weizenbier, Weizenbock, Weihnachts Ale, Organic Pilsener and Kolsch. And the Bierlikor [beer liqueur].

Pilsener: type Lager, with low fermentation, made with pure barley malt. It is light gold, pure and crystalline.

Dunkel: this is a dark beer, Lager type, with low fermentation, bitter and full bodied. Incomparable taste is the result of roasted malt barleys.

Pale Ale: Belgian type beer, ambar color and high fermentation. Taste and flavors more accentuated, less sweet and more body. Three types of malt are used.

Weizenbier: light and refreshing. It has denser body and texture, greatly appreciated for the perfect mixture of cereals. Unequalled collor and flavors.

Weizenbock: this is a refined dark beer made of wheat, high fermentation. Just like Weizenbier this one is not filtered. It is produced with 5 different types of barley. It has a dark reddish color, almost not bitter at all, and a fruity aroma.

Kolsh: Originally from Koln in Germany, this is an ale type beer of high fermentation and it is the product of four types of malt, among them the wheat malt. Light body, golden color and low bitterness. Slightly fruity.

Weihnachts: this is an amber ale with alcoholic content of 6.3%. This is a seasonal beer. Production is limited and launched only for the Christmas season. It has a reddish copper color, bitter and a fruity taste.

Organic Pilsener: it's a pure and flavorful beer. The 1st organic beer in Brazil. Its ingredients were grown without synthetic fertilizers and without toxic chemicals. Gold. Low bitterness. Pure barley malt flavor.

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