Sell 8-layer HDI pcb

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Our techniques:
Min. track width: 2.5/3/4 (mil)
Min track space: 2.5/3/4/ (mil)
Min mech hole: 4/6(mil)
Min solder wreath: 3/4 (mil)
Maximum size: double size: 1200x 609mm, multilayer board: 1100 x 600mm
finished copper thickness: 8.75um (1/4oz) ---2100um 60 (oz)
Soft-hard board: 105UM- 70UM
Maximum gold thickness: 3.0um (galvanized gold) 0.08 um (chemical gold immersion)
The composition of the hole: blind/buried hole, coned hole, the steps sinks hole
Surface processing tape: HAL, plating nickel, thick & hard/soft metal, chemical nickel, lead-free tin immersion, lead-free H. A. S. L, Entek)
Our advantages:
1. Precise multilayer resistance, supper copper thickness, thick/thin gold, high TG, compound pressed material, multilayer soft-hard combine PCB.
2. The batch quantity of fast sample product high quality produces.
3. ISO9001  2000 versions/ ISO14000/ ISO/TS16949  2002 products meet ROSH requests.
4 We can satisfy a car electronics, soldier work, work to control, the aviation, medical treatment, electric power, petroleum mine, communication, environment experiment etc. the profession request.
5. Adopt Fadx, Ups, Dhl, and international sea transportation etc. fast logistics, deliver goods fast in time.