Sell 8 layer PCB  BGA Immersion Tin with 0.1mm Min. line width

8 layer PCB  BGA Immersion Tin with 0.1mm Min. line width You May Also Be Interested In: 6 layer pcbs 8 layer pcb flexible pcbs rigid flex pcbs tin type
Description: 8-layer PCB, High-density
Min line width (mm) : 0.1
Min. drill size (mm) : 0.1
Thickness (mm) : 1.6
Base laminate materials: FR-4
Surface plating: Immersion Tin
BGA pad size: 0.25mm

Major products(1) : Printed Circuit Boards (PCB)
* Quick-Turn PCBs: 24 hours lead time for single/double-sided PCBs, and 48 hours lead time for 4-layer and 6-layer PCBs.
* High-density Double-sided PCBs and Multi-layer PCBs of 2 to 20layers: Surface\Gold plating\HAL\OSP\Gold finger\Immersion Gold \Immersion Tin.
* Aluminum base PCB: Aluminum base PCB Single layer and Double-side layer.
* HDI PCBs: Laser Direct Drilling
* Flexible PCBs
* Rigid-Flex PCBs

Main Products (2) - PCBA
* Active and passive components purchasing
* SMT: To handle the chip size from 0201 to 1206 with high speed automatic SMT machine
* DIP: Lead-free DIP production lines to proceed insertion, assembly and testing procedures, including ICT testing, functional testing, final products testing.
* Packing: ESD & Vacuum Packing
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