Sell 800E Series Net Video Encoder

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LN-800E Series Net Encoder

LN-801EF :1CH Realtime to supports 4CIF,2CIF, HCIF, CIF formats.

LN-801EC :1CH Realtime to supports CIF format.

LN-802EC :2CH Realtime to supports CIF format.

LN-804EC :4CH Realtime to supports CIF format.

Product Features

Remote configure, Bi-directional Voice Talkback

Simultaneously relay multi station real time video, supports real time storage

Continuous, scheduled or alarm event trigged recorder, the function of pre-record before alarm 5-30s, supports alarm upload

Supports auto restart function under special circs

Supports D1, HalfD1, CIF format, 30 frame/sec, compatible, stand MPEG4 video and MP3 audio compression format.

Video stream channel bandwidth 200kbps(352*288,25fps per 1ch)

Delay time less than 200 MSEL(0.20 second) in Lan system

Embedded system, small volume, high integrate level, web-building easy
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800E Series
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