Sell 800w Power inverter

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Output Max. Power: 800 VA;
Output Surge Power: 2400 VA;
Output Continuous Power: 740 VA;
Input Voltage: DC12V (Variable: DC10V  DC16V) ;
Static Current: 0.85A Max. ;
Efficiency: 90%Min.
Output Wave Form: Modified Sine Wave;
Protection: Short Circuit; Overheat; Over-Voltage; Low-Voltage; Overload; Reverse Polarity;
Output Voltage (Optional) : AC220V/50Hz; AC230V/50Hz; AC240V/50Hz, AC120V/60Hz;

Brief: Controlled by Microprogrammed Control Unit, it is high efficient in power inverting with complete protections. Beep warning is given when there is a breakdown. It could self-recover after the breakdown is fixed, except for Reverse Polarity Protection, which the fuse has to be replaced. It has excellent output stability by following up the variation of input voltage and connected load.

Application: It is widely used in various vehicles, vessels, solar energy, wind energy, mobile office, suitable for Mobiles, Notebooks, CD/MD/VCD/DVD Players, Digital & Video Cameras, Electric Razors, Lighting, PC Computer (LC or CRT Screen) , 29TV Set, Electric Rice Cooker, Microwave Oven, Refrigerator and other electric appliances whose power consumption is lower than 800VA.