Sell 8210 RC LI-BATTERY PROTECTOR for R/C model

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RC Li-xx battery protector is using the parallel charge lead to monitor the status of each cell during the discharging period, and then control the throttle to protect Li-Po pack to be over discharged, extend the cycle life of Li-Po pack!!RC Protector also has low voltage detection. It will reduce the throttle signal when the voltage is running low to inform user preparing save landing!!

l Automatically detect 2~4 cell Voltage via parallel charge lead.
l 4 LED display the status of each cell. Green LED (Normal) .

l Flashing Green LED (3 time/sec) mean low voltage and the voltage will stay at 3V until reconnect BEC lead or power to re-detect the cell voltage.

l The protection function will start when battery voltage is low and reduce the throttle or cutoff the power.

lOverheat protection  when the temperature higher than 600(device has to be attached with battery) ; The program will jump to low voltage mode. The protector has to be re-connected; otherwise it will stay in low voltage mode.

lBEC and Parallel charge lead short circuit protection
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