Sell 888A - DVD Players

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And permit a MPEG4/DIVX format, 1 can immediately appreciate about more than 10 hours of film by the common disc of DIVX format compression

The OK disc of small champion singer can broadcast to sing MTV song more than 400-730 heads at first

The high and clear multi-media numeral outputs, providing the video frequency of high quality for you
SACD and DVD Audio decode exportation, pure tone color, true revivification
The double power supply designs, lowering the voice of audio frequency circuit
The CD keeps a function, letting up video frequency part's interference to audio frequency circuit
The whole steel double inhales the type super and strong wrong machine
The new generation SOC decodes chip, the system simplifies more, working more stable
The copies a technique, and permits MPEG 4* format discs, the film is continuously fascinating
The video frequency few molds conversion machine of the 108 MHzs/12 bit, the picture is clearer and brighter
Go to scan exportation gradually, the picture has no flicker, stabilizing more, clearer
Inside place a numeral decoding, 5.1 tracks output
The numerical picture regulates a technique, the degree, bright degree, contrast degree, color degree of picture
The humanized virtual keyboard operates
 Ratio numeral/DTS/LPCM the numerical audio frequency is fiber-optic, together stalk output
The Windows Window type operation interface designs, operating more convenient and comfortable
Super and strong and permit DVD, super standard format disc of the VCD, VCD, CD etc. , MP3, CD-R/RW, Kodak Picture CD