Sell 8E1-4Eth Ethernet/E1 converter

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8E1 to 4*Ethernet Converter (Winyuan Technology)

This converter provide conversion from 1 to 8 E1 channels to Ethernet interface. Support 1 to 8 E1 channels setting, it can detect the number of E1 channel and select available channel.

(1) according with IEEE 802.3, support 10Base-T, 100Base-T.
(2) Support flexible setting of 1 to 8 E1 channels, auto detect the number of E1 channels and time-delay, select available E1 channels when reset.
(3) Provide 2 loop functions: local E1 loop, remote E1 loop.
(4) Ethernet transmission transparent, support AUTO-MDIX, straight and crossover auto-adapt.
(5) Can transmit super-long frame of IEEE 802.1Q, support Ethernet exchanger with VLAN function.
(6) Support E1 channel hot plug, and auto detect available E1 channels.
(7) Support reset remote system from local system.
(8) 8 E1 can have 10 ms time-delay, CRC alarm limitation can auto insulate bad-quality transmit channel by configuration, and is single direction insulation. when one direction error rate over limitation, cut only this direction, the other direction not affected. ( the two directions need not symmetry. )
(9) Power supply option: AC220V, DC-48V. The positive and negative terminal can be exchanged for DC-48V, easy for installation and maintenance.
(10) Two types: Standalone, desktop, 19inch; Card, usually be inserted in our rack 19 inch.


E1 interface:
Interface standard:according with G.703
Interface Rate:2.048Mbps+-50ppm
Jitter tolerance:according with G.742 and G.823.
Transmission capability: 8*E1
Clock mode: inter-clock, line-clock
Connector: BNC (75(Ohms) ) , RJ45 (120(Ohms) )
E1 Impedance: 75(Ohms) (unbalance) , 120(Ohms) (balance) .

10/100 Base-T interface:
Interface Rate: 10/100Mbps
Duplex: half and full duplex self-adapt.
Interface character: match IEEE802.3, IEEE802.1Q(VLAN) .
Connector: RJ45, support auto-mdix
MAC address capability: 4096

Working environment:
power supply: AC220V; DC 48V;
power consumption: <=5W
working temperature: 00C ~ 500C
storage temperature: -400C ~ +700C
humidity: 95 %
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