Sell 9.2"TFT Color Liquid Screen Portable DVD Player (PDVD9299)

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DVD ( DVB digital TV )
Product Description
* 9.2"TFT Color liquid screen with high definition
* Super digital quake-proof(DVD3seconds. CD/VCD10second'MP3 90seconds)
* Compatible with all type of discs: DVD SVCD VCD CD MP3 MP4
* Compatible with USB card
* Card reader, support MMC/SD card and MC card directly play
* TV receiver function(PAL&NTSC)
* Lithium battery inside, 2. 5hours contiunous play.
* DOLBYdecoder inside, enjoy decompress MPEGII video
* Name card modal infrared remote control
* Swith steady voltage adapt to AC110V--240V
* Liquid screen adjust direction and angle freely.
* Remote control, Battery, User instruction, Audio/Video Cable
* Car power supplier, Swith power supplier
* Earplug, Cable-switch plug, (Infrared receive earphone or bag)

Model: PDVD9299
Origin: China