Sell 900M-T-B soldering tip

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Origin:Shenzhen China
1. overall lead-free
2. high corrosion resistance
3. longer service life
4. excellent quality and competitive price
A:To low temperature to carry out welding operations in order to protect soldering tip completely.
B:Storing tips after production use:
1. Clean hot tip thoroughly with damp sponge
2. Apply coating of solder to tip
3. Turn unit off to allow tip to cool
4. Put tip away in proper storage or in iron holder
C:Attentions about soldering tips
1. Always keep the tip coated with a thin layer of solder.
2. Use fluxes that are as mild as possible but still provide a strong joint.
3. Keep temperature as low as possible while maintaining enough temperature to quickly solder a joint(2 or 3 seconds maximum for electronic soldering) .
4. Match the tips size to the work.
5. Use a tip with the shortest reach possible for maximum efficiency.
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1.5 Thousand Pcs Per Month
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