Sell 920 Flat embroidery machine

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1) Head number: 20
2) Needle number: 9
3) Head distance: 300mm
4) Embroidery range: According to your need
5) Power supply: 380V / 220V
6) Power: 1 - 1.5kW
7) Configuration: DAHAO computer, Panasonic servo motor x 1.5KW (made in Japan) , hook (made in Japan) , three-phase stepper motor, bobbin case (made in Japan) , encoder (made in Japan) , shaft drive, belt (made in Italy)

1) 10 inches of liquid crystal makes the operation intuitionistic and convenient
2) Design memory ability: Inner memorizer is capable of storing 99 designs, with a maximum of 2, 000, 000 stitches
3) Adjustable stop position: Adjusted range from 97.5 to 102.5 degrees to satisfy different kinds of machines
4) Cyclic embroidery, have not restrict in repeat frequency
5) Design circumvolving and zooming, delete, copy, output ability
6) Embroidering design periphery"
A) The design range can be calculated
B) The design periphery and the cross line located at starting point can be embroidered
C) Convenient for locating
7) Automatically change color, return and patch
8) Automatic repeat of embroidery
9) Automatic embroidery of the batch design
10) Automatically return origin, return stop
11) Embroidery location and offset origin can be set arbitrarily
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