Sell 95% magnesium oxide

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Since 1986, we have produced Zinc
oxide, MgO and MgCo3 for over 20
years and become one of the
largest manufacturer of China in
this field.

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MgO %>= 95.0
Insoluble in Hcl solution ---
CaO %<= 1.0
Sulphate (SO4) % ---
CuO %<= 0.0002
Screening residues(through 150um
mesh) %<= 0.03
Fe%<= 0.05
Mn%<= ---
Chloride (Cl) %<= 0.035
Losses in ignition %>= 3.5
Accumulation density(g/ml) %<=

1) As a binder in grinding wheels
2) Source of magnesium ions for
chickens, cattle and other animals
3) Reduces iron, silica and solids

4) Pigment extender in paint and
5) Basic ingredient of oxychloride
cements used for flooring,
wallboard, fiber board, and tile
6) Semi-conductors; heating
elements insulating filler
between wire and outer sheath
7) Source of essential magnesium
for plant nutrition
8) Catalyst and water acceptor in
shell molding
9) Ingredient for specialty,
scientific and decorative
glassware and fiberglass
10) Light, flexible mats for
insulating pipes
11) Additive to neutralize acids

Packed in woven bags with liner