Sell 95% original medicine of Urbacid

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Commonl name: Urbacid (e)

Molecular formla: C7H15AsN2S4

Chemical name: Double - (dimethyl dithiocarbamic acid) armor- Ur

Appearance: The original medicine is the solid of crystalline for the colorless and tasteless . (Industrial product is deep pessimistic powder)

Melting point: 144 0, it does not dissolve to the water, but be easy to dissolve to the acetone, the ethyl alcohol and so on.

This is the disinfectant, the bacteriostasis and the sterilization of the broad-spectrum, highly effective protection. Its effect is obvious. It has the very strongly extinguishing ability on many kinds of fruit trees' germ. It may use to prevent and control the water sheath and culm blight of rice, apples sunspot sickness, pears black star sickness, grapes black smallpox sickness and so on. And it has the function for the mouse class to evade.

Package: 25KG/bag, double-decked plastic bag.
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