Sell 96% original medicine of Asomate

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Appearance: pure columnar crystal of yellow-green arris

Common name: 96% Asomate

Molecular formla: C9H18N3S6As

Chemical name: Tri-(N - dimethyl dithiocarbamic acid) -As

Melting point: 224 - 226 0

Water Solubility: it does not dissolve to the water, slightly soluble to acetone and methyl alcohol

Stablility: in the air, it decomposes when meeting the concentrated acid and the hot acid.

The thriam is one kind of preventing and controlling plant disease which contains the arsenic agricultural chemicals, having the treatment and the preventing and controlling function. It has the special effect to rotten sickness of the apple, but also may prevent and control the powdery mildew of the cucumber , the rust frost mildew, anthrax of the hot pepper, black star sickness of the pear, moreover to the grape, the wheat, the pea, the apple trees and so on. The paddyrice's rice blast, the frost mildew of theeggplant, the sickness of Chinese hawthorn spike top and crops' many kinds of plant diseases. It also has the preventing and controlling effect.

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