Sell 96% original medicine of Ziram

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Commnon name: 96% Ziram

Molecular formla: C6H12N2S4Zn

Chemical name: Dimethyl dithiocarbamic acid zinc

Appearance: pure white tasteless powder

Melting point: 240-246 0

Dissolves to rare alkali, the carbon bisulfide, the benzene, the acetone and the methylene chloride, slightly soluble to chloroform, and it is difficult to dissolve to the ethyl alcohol, the carbon of tetrachloride, the ethyl acetate, and does not dissolve to the water.
At 200 0 or above to be easy to decompose. It Stores stably. The medium toxicity, and it can cause the dermatitis with the skin contact, but both does not pollute and non-toxic in the rubber product. It does not have the pollution to the plant.

As a kind of broad-spectrum germicide and bactericide, it also promotes the crops to be precocious. It may use into preventing and controlling the common plant disease of fruit trees, and the vegetables, such as the apple flowerss poiled sickness, the powdery mildew; the pear black star sickness, the peach perforation sick, brown-corrupt sickness, the anthrax of the grape as well as many kinds of vegetabless spot dry sickness, the frost mildew, the ash mildew, theearly epidemic disease and so on. It also may use to make savageness gule, the synthesis rubber to use as the promoter as well as the emulsion.

Package: 25KG/bag, double-decked plastic bag.
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