Sell 990mg/ml Pure Nicotine

990mg/ml Pure Nicotine You May Also Be Interested In: nicotine nicotine patches quit smoking
Name Electronic Cigarette Liquid
CAS 54 11 5

The Certificate 1. The Unique Designated professional manufacturer for nicotine by Shaanxi Province tobacco bureau, China
3. ISO9001:2000
4. ISO14000
5. Safety production license for Nicotine

Analysis Titrimetric method EP6.0 (HPLC)

Specification All we have are Pure Nicotine10% -- 99%

Mixture Liquid 36mg/ml nicotine to 150mg/ml nicotine mixed with PG/VG

Appearance Colorless to Slight Yellow Liquid


Used for produce the e-cigarette, e-juice and smokejuice
Used in Quit-smoking product, nicotine gum, nicotine patches

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