Sell 9V battery

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Norminal capacity: 1.2Ah at 9mA to 5.4V
pulse capability: up to 800mA
operating temp: -30-85
Glass-to-metal sealed
Protaction devices
Wide operating temperature range
high pulse current capacity
over 10 years service llife
patented product
lasts up to 5X longer than ordinary 9V alkaline batteries
lasts up to 10X longer than carbonzinc

Applications :

1. Memory backup: CMOS memory backup, RTC real time clock and computer data backup.
2. AMR utility meters: Electricity meter, gas meter and heat meters, etc.
3. Wireless alarm sensors: Smoke alarm system, temperature monitor etc.
4. Remote monitor system: GPS, sea buoys, cargo-locating system etc.
5. Automotive and electronics: Automotive security system, tire-pressure monitoring system, etc.
6. Electronics toll tags: Toll gates
7. Military electronics: Radio-communication, night vision equipment, tracking and positioning system, etc.
Supply Capacity
UL, UN, ISO9001, RoHs
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
15 days