Sell A Therapeutic Abdominal Massager (TAM) .

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Therapeutic Abdominal Massager (TAM)
Massage your abdomen can keep you healthy and long life .
The TAM is made based on the Chinese massage theory; controlled by the computer program. It is a high technology product. The TAM mimics the human-figure massage and systematically massage your abdomen and has therapeutic effacts. You can fill like that you been massaged by a skillful massager when you use it.
1. Hypnogenesis
You spend one thirds of your life in your sleep. If you did not sleep well you will feel very uncomfortable. Somnus is human's biological need, it will affect your health directly. The cause for insomnia includes nervosity, environment disturbance and other factors. Serious insominious will depend on medicine, and it will bring you many side effects later.
The TAM is a therapeutic massager, it mimic human's hands and massage your abdomen. It will make you ignore the pressures caused by nervosity, uncomfortable environment, and other factors, and shift your thinking to your abdominal section. Your brain will also be relaxed, and bring you to sleep. It has special effects for insominious.

2. Relieving constipation and promoting defecation for toxicity
Many people are bothered by constipation. Constipation can induce gastrotympanites, depression, non-appetite, insomnia, even high blood pressure and enterospasm. The TAM can adjust vegetative nervous function, increase secretion of digestive juice, and promote peristalsis. Therefore push the stool downward and promote defecation for toxicity.

3. Removing excessive abdominal fat and eliminating wrinkles after giving birth
To lose excessive abdominal fat, massage heads from TAM can massage the relative acupoints, adjust internal secretion function, and promote lipometabolism and adipolysis. Through systematic massage, it will increase your blood circulation, and cause micro vascular dilation, and raise the body surface temperature, therefore burn body fat. During the abdominal massage, it promotes peristalsis, increase excretion frequency and lose weight. Eliminating wrinkles after giving birth is through the skin massage; it will increase the movement of tissue cells.

4. Reducing dysmenorrhea
TAM is especially good for women to protect and nourish womb and reduce or cure dysmenorrhea. Via oscillation and vibration, TAM also promotes weight loss, stimulates circulation to remove excessive abdominal fat and to eliminate wrinkles after giving birth, as well as strengthens the immune system.

5. Promoting defecation for toxicity, nourishing skin, maintaining health and prolonging life.
Abdominal massage is beneficial for maintaining good health and promoting long life. Keep using TAM, it will increase the inside circulation, and maintain a healthy life.
TAM can efficiently use your "second brain", i. e. your abdomen, and serve your health.

Safety Instruction
Do not use TAM if you have stomach perforation, abdominal pain, or cancer, or if you are pregnant.
Brand Name
bailian(in english means lotus)
Supply Capacity
3,000 Units Per Month
Available Colors
Condition of Goods
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
90 days
Minimum Order Quantity
1000 units
Power Requirements
110 or 240 volts, 50/60 hz
Patents or Trademarks
Chinese Patent #002191393
Terms of Payment
L/C at sight or T/T etc.
Terms of Sale
FOB Shanghai China
Warranty Coverage
labor and materials 30 days