Sell A modern, complete production line for pallets of paper

A modern, complete production line for pallets of paper You May Also Be Interested In: complete production line pallet weight pallets
Our product is covered by a patent registered in Germany and have all the certificates that are valid in Europe and major World Market.
Our technological Line is designed for all kind of goods and perfectly suitable as a replacement of "pallets" and pallets of plastic used in food industry. Advantage is speed of production, low cost and high durability of the product.
Our offer includes two types of lines. The revolution in the production of pallets. Investing in new technology. 1. level small capacity of 400,000 pallets a year. 2. level large capacity of 5 million pallets a year. Pallet weight about 10 kg, Load - 10.000kg. 100% dedicated for recycling. Available in European and American sizes. For further technical information I give to e-mail.
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Patent Nr 10143657
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