Sell A superior DVR card---Ether8104

A superior DVR card---Ether8104 You May Also Be Interested In: application software dvr card network connection signal input video capture
* Full-automate mode, long-time digital recording.
* Combination of local and remote-end control, and remote-end multiple alarm function.
* Intelligent search and replay of video materials, reliable way of storing video materials, reliable way of storing video materials, real-time multi-picture division and alternate display, unlimited expansion through network.
*Powerful and reliable internal setting, omni-bearing and interlocked alarm function, capable of searching and replaying video materials according user defined time period. . The system has strong intelligence, making it possible to preset recording for many days and many time periods with careful detecting and prevention.
* Remote control and recording through transmission network (local network, internet, PSTN)
* Simple and visual operation interface, realizing 24-hour continuous operation, low cost of administration and maintenance.
*The system has strong expansion capability and functions will be more perfect along with free up-date of application software.
*Intelligent and dynamite frame monitoring compression,30G hard-disk space cabling storage of over 15 days 16 channel visual source continuous recording.
* Open and compatible system structure, completely compatible with traditional security monitoring systems, various cameras and other related security monitoring equipments.
* Efficient and reliable digital hard-disk video recording, clear picture reliable single-CPU system, smooth operation.

Data Compressing Format
* MPEG-4
Display Speed Resource
* 50Frames
Network Connection
Visual Signal Input
* 4 Channel (BNC or RCA)
PC Requirement
* PIII 500 / 128M / 40G
high compression efficiency and rate, which is 28-108M per hour of action for each channel.

Peculiar video capture technology elevates the utilization of each IC and detracts hardware costs.

Powerful network function and superior network transmission capability support remote control from IE, LAN.

Authorized software supports free updating of software and compression algorithm.

When one chip is used to capture multi-channel videos, the picture does not vibrate. Upon this function, Ether8000 series cards are the only ones in the world.
Brand Name
Ether DVR card
Supply Capacity
2500 units per month
Available Colors
Condition of Goods
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
7 days
Model Number
Minimum Order Quantity
5 units
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