Sell A type silica gel

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A Type Silica Gel is also called fine-pored silica gel, which is milk white and translucent round vitreous body, tasteless and innocuous, and it can be treated as the sand because it has no pollution, therefore it is one widely used and admissive dampproof agent in the world, main function is to dry, proof damp and rust, fit for dampproof of instrument, meter, weapon, ammo, electron component, household electric apparatus, spare parts of machine, leather product, medicine, food, costume, textile and other different products in packing. As it has high bulk density and excellent moisture absorption under low humidity, therefore it can be used as air purificant to control humidity of the air, as well as catalyzer carrier and dehydration of organic compound. At the same time, the products also are widely used for ocean shipping, as cargo will be affected with damp in the process of sea transportation, this product can well protect cargo from moisture to assure quality of the cargo.