Sell AA Formula - Youth Rejuvenating Complex for Anti-Aging

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Bel'Air's Legendary Tale of Immortality

Capacity: 50ml

AA Formula

Youth Rejuvenating Complex for Anti-Aging

Say Goodbye to Signs of Aging

Is the appearance of the lines on the face disturbing you? Are you getting depressed as your contenance starts to lose its suppleness and radiance? If we can eliminate the trails of time, and forever retain the beauty of youth, it must be the wish and dream of many come true. Bel'Air understands your heart's desires. We have devised a completely new formula of youth rejuvenating complex, which can effectively solve problems such as skin dryness and dehydration, deterioration of the skin's immunity system, all of which take their toil with time. It restores lustre and elasticity to the skin, allowing you to have infant smooth and tender skin, to exude the radiance of youth.

Main Components :

- State-of-the-art bio-tech product  Immunoglobulin G (simply referred to as IgG)
- Extraction of plant protein  Glucan
- The most valuable aerosol  Hyaluronic acid.

Functions :

- Glucan enhances the growth, proliferation and synthesis of cells, especially keratinocyte, fibroblast and endothelial cells. The most important part lies in the production of collagen protein and elastin protein by fibroblast.

- IgG regulates the secretion of cell stimulants (IL-6 element) , restores their balance, activates langerhans cells and aids in the construction and defence functions of the skin.

- Coupled with the excellent hyaluronic acid moisturiser, the skin will be able to maintain its radiance and beauty always.


After cleansing the face in the morning and night, use 2 to 3 drops of AA Formula to apply thoroughly on the face and neck. This will help to firm up the skin and maintain its elasticity, moisture and radiance, making you feel young always.


- Similar to the effects of Dehydroepiandrosterone

- Firmness is increased: about 20% for the face and 40% for the neck

- Elasticity is increased: about 18% for the face and 30% for the neck

- Radiance of the skin is increased by about 25%

- Moisture retention abilities of the skin is increased by up to 24%.