Sell AA Turbo Charger For New iPhones

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1) Light, reusable and easy to operate
2) A safe stream of power to charge or talk longer on your cell phone
3) International travel friendly
4) One replaceable AA battery OR use with rechargeable batteries for optimum
5) More economical than any competitive products or buying an additional battery
6) A revolutionary solution!
7) Emergency uses - power outages

1) Unscrew bottom and load one AA battery (not included) into charger
2) Connect your cell-phone-specific connector to the charger
3) Connect your cell phone to the connector. The charger will begin flashing
4) Check your cell phone, it will indicate that it is being recharged

Notes on use:
1) For best use, when using rechargeable batteries with the cell phone charger,
ensure that it is fully drained after each use
2) If phone battery is completely drained for an extended period, it might take a
few minutes to power up the phone. If the phone has recently died, the phone
should power up immediately
3) For best use, connect the unit to the appropriate phone connector and then
to the phone