Sell AAAAA Round Cubic Zirconia in Large Sizes

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BMWZ: The Restless Pursuit of High Quality
1. Symmetry of the sides of the table edges
2. Centricity and parallelism of table
3. Centricity of the culet
4. Sharpness in the intersection of the facet edges
5. Alignment of the crown and the pavilion facets

With superb fire, luster and brilliance, BMWZ Cubic Zirconia is cut to exacting tolerances, according to the proportions demanded in fine diamond cutting. Finely cut CZ with a polished girdle has slightly less brilliance than diamond, while having more fire. Also BMWZ Cubic Zirconia is very good in clarity because its rough is grown in a lab in a controlled environment. Therefore it is simply not used when the crystal is not good in clarity.
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