Sell ABC  Powder fire extinguishing agent

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Ammonium phosphate dry chemical fire extinguishing agent is on the basis of ammonium phosphate which is the active fire extinguishing ingredient. , and it is aslo called ABC dry powder extinguishing agent.
ABC dry powder extinguishing gent. can be filled in portable , cart fire extinguisher, mobile and sationary appliances or fixed installations. This agent has the specialties of high fire fighting speed, high fire extinguishing efficiency, good insulation property, harmless to people and animals and long storage period. It is widely used for fighting of oil fields, oil stores, ships, warehouses, oil refineries, electricity station, petrochemical enterprises and forest fires. It is suited for extinguishing the fires of usual solid combustible materials (A type) , flammable liquids (B type) , gases and electric equipments( C type)
Specifications Suited Ranges Main Ingredients
ABC-30% Ammonium Phosphate & Ammonium Sulphate
ABC-40% Ammonium Phosphate & Ammonium Sulphate
ABC-50% Ammonium Phosphate & Ammonium Sulphate
ABC-70% Ammonium Phosphate & Ammonium Sulphate
ABC-75% Ammonium Phosphate & Ammonium Sulphate
ABC-85% Ammonium Phosphate & Ammonium Sulphate
ABC-87% Ammonium Phosphate
ABC-90% Ammonium Phosphate
According to standard, GB4066.2-2004
Items Requirements
NH4H2PO4content, % Claimed volume13.0
Apparent density, g/ml >=0.80
Attractive moisture, % <=3.0
Blocking resistance (needle penetration) , mm >=16.0
Water resistance No obvious attracting water, no blocking
Particle distribution% 0.250mm 0.0
0.250mm-0.125mm 3.013.0
0.125mm-0.063mm 20.016.0
0.063mm-0.040mm 20.016.0
Bottom plate >=45.0
Low temperature resistance, S <=5.0