AC/DC PULSE TIG/MMA welder You May Also Be Interested In: ac dc tig dc tig mma welder tig welder
1. Quality square wave power supply, stable arc, HF arc stabilization not necessary;

2. Concentrated heat, easy to fill in the wire, especially suitable for wire welding in bicycle industry, etc;

3. Supper strong oxidization film removal capability, continuous and adjustable removal width, and good weld surface;

4. Foot pedal controller connection facilitates welder's operation;

5. Built-in alarming and protective circuits are provided to prevent over currnet, over heat, over

voltage, under voltage, etc and ensure safely operation;

6. High duty cycle, continuous operation without interruption at large current is available;

7. Suitable for welding of various metallic materials such as aluminum, aluminum alloy, carbon steel, stainless steel, copper, titanium, etc.

8. Complete accessories: welding torch, welding cable, earth clamp, welding holder, carton box (Remarks: Mask.ulators are selective parts)