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CJX1(3TF) Series AC Contactors are latest products in 1990's. The series products are suitable for frequency of 50/60Hz, rated insulation voltage up to 690-1000V, rated operational current up to 9A-400A at rated operational voltage up to 380V under the utilization category AC-3.3TF Series AC Contactors are mainly used for making breaking electric circuits at a long distance and for frequent starting stopping and reversing control of AC motors. They comply with IEC947, VDE0660, GB14048.
1. The altitude of the site of installation does not exceed 2000 meters above sea levels;
2. The ambient air temperature:-25-+550;
3. Relative humidity does not exceed 50% at +400 and 90% at +250
4. Atmospheric conditions: the air does not contain any explosive medium, corrosive gases and conductive dust;
5. Never be shocked and vibrate obviously ;
6. Never be wetted by rain and snow.
1. For better safety, conductive part are enclosed.
2. Small sizes, light weight, material of arc chute adopts unsaturated resin, with good arc resistance, never splitting.
3. The arc chute is enclosed, arc-over distance is small, with a compact electric cabinet.
4. Constrction of main contacts system is unique, abrasion of the contacts is small, with a ling electric endurance.
5. The operation of the magnet has many advantages such as good reliability, little consumption, low noise ad high mechanical
6. The contactors have higher operation frequency and control capacity.
7. Auxiliaty contact block may be attached to CJX1-F(3TF30-50) series AC contactors.
8. SIGUT-Siemens patent terminal, ensures easy and reliable connection, strong shock resistance and perfect safety protection.