Sell AC Capacitor CBB61

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[Sell] Sell AC Capacitor CBB61
[ Updated: 2007/04/04 ]

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Model: CBB61
The capacitor is very small dissipation factor, small inherent temperature rise, high insulation resistance, good capacitance stability, excellent self-healing property, safety and high reliability due to plastic case enclosure and flame retardant epoxy resin filling and sealing.
Suitable for starting and operation of 50Hz(60Hz) AC single-phase motor.
Specification: 250V:1.0~125F 400V:1.0~8.05F

Reference standard GB3667

Climatic category 40/070/21
Voltage proof(Between lead) 1.5UR(10S)
Voltage proof(Between case terminals) 2000VAC(10S)
Capacitance tolerance J:15%K:110%
Dissipation factor <=0.004(100HZ)
Insulation resistance CR<=3000M(Ohms) 5F(2min