Sell AC Voltage / Current Digital Meter -YD8000

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Model No: YD8000
Brand Name: yadata
Certification(s) : CE
1) Specifications:
a) Construction: panel mounting, connection backside
b) Housing material: flame-resistant resin
c) Isolation: between power supply / input / output
d) Installation
e) Operating temperature: -20 - 550C
f) Operating humidity: 10 - 95%
g) Weight: 500g
h) Mounting: panel flush mounting, external dimensions and trepanning
i) External dimensions: 48 x 48mm, 96 x 96mm, 96 x 48mm,120 x 120mm
ii) trepanning dimensions: 45 x 45mm, 92 x 92mm, 91 x 45mm,111 x 111mm
i) Maximum display: 19,999
j) Display definition: voltage 0.1V, current 0.001A
k) Maximum input range: U, AC 0 - 600V, I, AC 0 - 6A
l) Input mode: single terminal input
m) Precision class: 0.5 grades
n) Absorbing power: U <1.2VA
o) Measuring speed: about 2.5 times/s
p) Frequency range: 40 - 200Hz
q) Output load capacity: <400(Ohms)
r) Power supply: AC220V120%, 50 / 60Hz
s) Working frequency withstand voltage: between power supply / input / output >=AC2kV/min.1mA
t) EFT: 2KV, 5kHz
u) Surge impulse voltage: 2KV, 1.2/50s
v) Insulation resistance: >=100M(Ohms)
2) Functions:
a) Modularization design, may according to the user's request choose single display, display product which add any other function
b) Many structures for users to choose from
c) Adopts the newest PIC chip, strong interference killing feature excellent technology, good externality, high cost performance ratio