Sell AC servo motor, DC brush motor, driver with CE

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The permanent magnetic brushless servo motor adopts rare earth permanent magnets which owns high properties, so it can keep optimum performance for a long time. The motor has features of high torque at starting, good performance at lower speed, powerful overloading ability (two to three times of rating torque) , stable speed and artistic vision, etc. It can be matched many kind of servo driver with input power of three phase AC 380V, three phase AC 220V, singal phase AC 220V, DC 24V, DC 36V, DC 48V, DC 75V, and so on. The motor is widely used in the fields of astronautics and aeronautics, military industry, NC lathe, printing and packing, medical instruments, textile, tobacco and robot etc. It is the best choice for rotating controlled motor.
The designed working environment temperature is 400and the insulation grade is F.
Our company has independent intellectual property right. We can design and manufacture permanent magnetic brushless servo motor of all levels of voltage, torque and speed according to the users request.
Permanent magnetic DC motor adopts high performance Sr-ferrite hard magnets. It has characteristics of smaller size, higher efficiency, lower noise, and slower temperature rising.
It is used output brush holder and high durable brush holder and high durable brush, which can work for a longer life span and can be mend conveniently.
It also can be equipped with worm-wheel retarder in order to get lower speed and higher torque.
It is widely used in the fields of auto vehicle, instrument and meter, medical equipment, home appliances, and so on.
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