Sell AC servo motor 110, driver with CE

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AC servo is a closed-loop tracking system which is used for mechanical movement. It is also part of mechanical and electrical integration. It could be classified into servodrive and servomotor (permanent magnet synchronous motor) these two parts. As the manufacture technology is advancing increasingly, magnetic AC servos are applied more and more in modern machine tools, industrial robots and various automatic equipments. The products have the features of strong reliability, small volume, light weight and high afficiency.

Suqiang servo features:
1. Stable and reliable
All of our AC Servo specifications have passed EMC accreditation and up to the EMC international standard while the production is performed strictly in accordance to ISO90001 quality system. The servos have provided over load, over voltage, over current, overheat, and wires disconnected alarms and so on to ensure high stability of the controller.

2. Full range functions
- Speed control, torque control and position control available
- 3 rotating speed can be set and switched by external contact. This is very convenient when only simply speed control is required, thus reduce the requirement for host controller lower.
-32 internal nodes position control with deceleration and acceleration value programmable; looking for reference point forwardly or reversely; changing steps by using external switches or delay step changing for option; thus renders so called single-axes controller unnecessary.
-13 control modes optional including feed-forward position control, feed-forward torque control, external current limit, and speed limit in torque control mode. The modes could be switched from one another to meet more complex control process.
- JOG, zero-clamp, two electronic gears allow dynamic switching
- Various modes of stop optional: Dynamic brake, plug brake, coast to stop; users can apply a braking resistant with higher resistivity if the load inertia is high and requires frequent stop and restart with fast respond time.
- brake interlock output signals, which are applicable for brake motor control; braking stop speed and braking lasting time could be set which is very significant to vertical load or load with external force.

3. Advanced technology
We apply advanced technology of DSP and IPM and intellectual calculation to entitle the controller of optimized dynamic and static features.
Full range 3 times overload allowable
40CR material for motor axis with heat treatment
Magnetic steel of motor is made of high temperature resist material which will effectively prevent demagnetization and there's an extra steel protection case to prevent humidity and oxidation.

4. Full range types and series to meet all your need
According to the need of market, we have launched two series (EDA&EDB) with 7 specifications servo drive to match EMD and EMS motors respectively. The power range from 420W to 3KW; rated torque ranges from 0.3Nm to 19.1Nm. The mounting dimensions are the same as YASWAKA and PANASONIC servo of same kind which enables a better exchangeability.
At present , it's very easy for us to produce and make changes according to your needs to make the products fully individualized and meet all your personal needs.

5. Easy to use, easy to maintain
No accessories required, all the parameter setting, operation and status monitor could be realized in drive panel.
With the connection to PC, all the parameter setting, operation and status monitor could be realized in WINDOWS interface by remote control. Besides, great deal of data could be submitted and generate a curve thus facilitates testing.
4 group output signals (except alarm signals) are programmable freely (program in output signal software)
(1-2500) / 2500 frequency dividing function is able to match different host controllers
At present, our products are sold to over 24 provinces and municipality , partly export to America, Europe, South Asia, Hongkong, Macao, Taiwan and so on .
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