Sell AC voltage stabilizer(regulator )

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The products cover 5 series: CWY single-phase, three-phase parametric type ; ZWY single-phase, three-phase full-automatic type; WPWY constant frequency and constant voltage , direct current constant voltage ; GWY single-phase, three-phase induction type ; WLWY digital wave network type etc.
All products have certificate of conformity for electrical equipement from govermment and past through the ISO .
Constant voltage range ( single phase 120-300V , three phase , 260-460V )
Constant voltage precision : 11%
Total recovery time : 10-40ms
Anti-interference capacity : peak restrain ( normal mould input 2kv spike , output 40 VP)
Normal mould noise restrain : 50 db
Power factor : COS >=0.95%
Efficiency >= 85%~90%
Output waveform distortion 3% (including electric network distortion )