Sell AC48V machine CFL bulb

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Plastic lamp imported fire-retardant PBT high temperature plastics, will not yellow and fall off; Pure trichromatic lamp with high luminous efficiency (more than 70Lm / w) , high color-rendering index (Ra above 80) , low-light decline (15% after 2000 hours) and so on; Product output power and nominal power of small errors (less than 5%) , the use of wide voltage range (more or less 25% rated voltage) can be cold in the high-temperature environment such as the normal work of the poor (400below zero ~ 700) , high energy conversion efficiency of light (more than 95%) , high reliability (more than 8000 hours life) , etc. ; Places the application: machine tools, mining, sauna, automobiles, ships, trains, places such as solar energy and lighting mobile.