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Activv Honey
As good as taking it direct from the beehives!
Activv Honey is a treasure trove of nutritional value and therapeutic remedies. Harvested fresh from the beehives, it contains many vitamins and minerals at their most natural-occurring state.
* Replenish our body with active enzymes to promote vitality and well-being
* Assist our body's ability to repair tissue and ward off age-related ailments
* Promote synchronised health, stamina and radiance
* Aid in digestion and serve as healthy alternative to commercially refined sugar
Product Ingredients
99% Raw Honey, 1% Bee Pollen Grain
Suggested Use
Mix and stir into a beverage, spread onto a toast or consume direct from bottle. Savour the goodness of Activv Honey when mixed with cereals, fresh fruits or desserts.
Brand Name
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
7 days
Minimum Order Quantity
5 bottles
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