Sell AD , FD , Brined slice and whole mushroom

AD , FD , Brined  slice and whole mushroom
Commodity Shiitake mushroom

Specification Slice, thickness: 5mm

Package 5 KG/CTN

Quantity 258CTNS/20'

Carton Size 38W38W79cm

Production Season Nov. -Feb.

Commodity Shiitake mushroom

Specification Whole, dia. :2-4mm

Package 5KG/CTN

Quantity 258CTNS/20'

Carton Size 38x38x79cm

Production Season Oct. -Apr

Commodity Mushroom

Specification Slice, first grade; washed Granule,6-14mm; Powder,100mesh

Package 10KG/CTN, 10KG/CTN, 20KG/CTN

Quantity 500CTNS/40', 850CTNS/40', 640CTNS/20'

Carton Size 57?a45?a45cm, 48?a38?a38cm, 46?a32?a29cm

Production Season Dec. - Apr.