Sell AD-67 97%TC

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CAS No. : 71526-07-3
Content: 97%TC
Abstracts name 4-(dichloroacetyl) -1-oxa-4-azaspiro[4,5]decane
Other names: MON 4660
CAS RN: [71526-07-3]
Mol. wt. : 252.1
M. f. : C10H15Cl2NO2
Uses: Used as a safener with EPTC as an annual grass and broad-leaved herbicide in maize.
Herbicide safeners are used widely in the formulations of herbicide. These chemicals can protect the crops from being hurted by herbicides effectively.

There was no manufacture of the 2 products before 2001. We began to study this program in early 2002, and the industrial manufacture of Dichlormid successed by the end of April 2002. and the industrial manufacture of AD-67 successed in Sept.2002. now, the A. I. contend of Dichlormid is 95%min, and 97%min for AD-67. and annual output for each product is 200MT min.