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Cost-effective storage connectivity and data protection for desktops, workstations, and sub-entry servers
2 serial ports, 32/66 MHz, low-profile card with RAID 0, 1, JBOD for desktops, workstations and sub-entry serversThe Adaptec Serial ATA RAID 1210SA provides cost-effective, high-performance storage connectivity and data protection for desktops, workstations and sub-entry servers.

This two-port controller features Adaptec Host RAID - an integrated RAID technology that maximizes system performance and uptime.
The Adaptec 1210SA supports up to two Serial ATA drives and offers RAID levels 0, 1, and JBOD. The controller supports bootable arrays, provides background initialization and features 48-bit LBA that allows for the use of drive sizes exceeding 137 GByte. The Adaptec 1210SA supports Windows XP, Windows 2000, RedHat, and SuSE Linux and is managed by Adaptec Storage Manager Browser Edition.

The Adaptec 1210SA is the first in a family of Serial ATA RAID controllers delivered by Adaptec. The family of controllers is a key part of the Adaptec effort to help organizations cost-effectively deploy, manage, scale, and protect storage resources.

Product Description:
>2-port native Serial ATA RAID controller
>RAID 0, 1 and JBOD
>48-bit LBA supports drive sizes larger than 137GB
>Low-profile form design
>Bootable array support
>32-bit/66MHz PCI

Technical Specifications:
Supported Operating Systems
>Microsoft Windows XP Professional
>Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition
>Microsoft Windows 2000 Server
>Microsoft Windows 2000 Advanced Server
>Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional
>RedHat Linux 7.3
>RedHat Linux 8.0
>SuSE Linux 8.0
>SuSE Linux 8.1

Low-cost Serial ATA RAID controller for data protection and increased performance.

Key Differentiators:
>48-bit LBA supports drive sizes larger than 137GB>Supports bootable arrays
>Adaptec Storage Manager - Browser Edition simplifies array creation and management through pop-up tips and online help.

Customer Needs:
Ideal for desktop and workstations as well as sub-entry servers requiring RAID mirroring or striping

System Environment:

RAID Levels:
0, 1, JBOD

Key RAID Features:
Background initialization
Support bootable arrays

Number of devices:
Up to 2 Serial ATA drives

Bus System Interface Type:
32-bit/66MHz PCI

Internal Connectors:
Two Serial ATA ports

Data Transfer Rate:
Up to 1.5 Gbits/sec per port

System Requirements:>Pentium or equivalent PC with available 3.3V or 5V PCI slot
>32-bit PCI bus 2.2 compliant, CD-ROM drive
>Floppy disk drive (for Windows. 2000 or Windows XP systems)
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