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Austempered Nodular Cast Iron(ADI)

As the leader in mastering the research and production technique for austempered upper/lower bainite nodular cast iron (ADI) in China. We can carry out both sand mould and metal mould casting. We also have a powerful techncal force in melting and maching and have a whole range of detection equipment. Machines: several automatic moulding assembly lines:85-ton electric furnaces,47-ton cupola furnaces, the three-dimensional measuring machine from Italy, Alang direct reading spectrograph from Britain and other digital control machining equipment.

On our clients demand, we can manufacture quality products of all brands in accordance with European, American and Japanese standards. At present, our products are mainly automobile control arm, pick hammer, vehicle bridge, wearing plate on passenger and cargo wagon, automobile curve gear and bevel gear.

Austempered nodular cast irons 5 points:
1 Extreme strength and wear resistance . Toughness of middle level.
2 High shock absorption capacity.1-5db lower than that of steel in usage.
3 Better low temperature performance than steel. Suitable for usage at low temperature.
4 Continual self-hardening capacity in working process. Work face continuously produces self-hardening capacity in working process and improve its strength and wear resistance.
5 Lower factory cost than steel. Material weight is 1/3 less than that of steel . High utilization rate of material.
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