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Description - ADSL/xDSL Tester - GAO330
This ADSL tester is designed for testing various xDSL lines including ADSL, ADSL2, ADSL2+, and READSL. It can test xDSL physical layer parameters and also assist in confirming whether a line is suitable for xDSL service.

The ADSL tester evaluates line quality, performs PPPoE dial-up, provides IE network page browsing, and emulates a PC+ Modem in order to test the connection to the ISP. The tester provides for a variety of test results such as Ping, Ip Config, Route, and Tracert after successful dial. The GAO330 tester can emulate a user PC to test broadband IP lines or initiate PPPoE dial -up to test IP network connection and troubleshoot modem or PC problems.

The ADSL tester is equipped with a 240X320 TFT true color, touch screen LCD, and is easy to operate.

Features - ADSL/xDSL Tester - GAO330
xDSL Test
-Test xDSL lines, validate dialing and logon; test items include physical layer test, modem parameter settings tests, PPPoE properties, PPPoE dia-up, network layer tests (Ping, Ip Config, Route, Tracert) , Loopback test, Webpage browsing.
LAN Test
-LAN test includes net-card property, PPPoE property, PPPoE dial, network layer test (Ping, Ip-config, Route, Tracert) , webpage browsing, fixative IP scanning, Ftp Client and webpage speed test.
DMM Test
-Test xDSL line physical layer parameters include loop resistance, capacitance, insulation resistance and voltage.
-Modem Emulation: Emulate users Modem.
-File management: File management includes saving records, browsing records, memory key storage and file transmission.

Functions - ADSL/xDSL Tester - GAO330
Test ADSL2+ Transmit parameters, support ADSL, ADSL2 and READSL.
DSL line self-identification connection.
Link and browse webpage to validate network connection.
TFT true color LCD with touch screen & Windows interface.
Supporting memory key, mouse and keyboard through USB port.
Can be used as ADSL2+ Modem.
Windows network test function (Tracer, IPConfig, and etc)
20 memory capacity to save records & exchange data through Memory key and LAN.
Maximal attenuation distance: 6.5 Km.
Emulate PC to make dialing test.
Emulate PC to ping IP address or perform domain tests .
Emulate PC to browse webpage.
Emulate FTP client.
Test webpage speed by emulating user's PC.
Track connection path from tester to remote computer or IP address(Tracert)
Display IP route list Route) .
Display current TCP/IP configuration and refresh DHC & DNS(Ip Config)
Software upgrading through Memory key or LAN.
Specifications - ADSL/xDSL Tester - GAO330
Test physical layer parameters(DMM)
-AC & DC voltage: 0 to 400V
-Loop resistance: 0 to20000 (Ohms)
-Capacitance: 0 to1000nF
-Insulation resistance: 0 -50M (Ohms)
Test ADSL2+ transmission parameters
-ADSL2+ attenuation: 0 - 63.5dB
-ADSL2+ noise margin: 0 to 32dB
-ADSL2+ Upstream channel rate: 0 to 1.2Mbps
-ADSL2+ Downstream channel rate: 0 to 24Mbps
-DMT sub channel bit number: 0 to 15 (frequency points on different sub channel)
-ADSL2+ Error number(CRC, HEC, FEC, NCD, OCD)
-ADSL2+ local output power
-ADSL2+ status: Signal loss, connection close.
L W W W H: 176mmW130mmW60mm
Battery: Chargeable 2100mAH Li-ion battery
ADSL2+ standards: ITU G.994.1 (G. hs) , ITU G. 992.5, ITU G.992.5 Annex L, Compatible with ADSL, ADSL and READSL.
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