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7 Using Globespan chipset, with One Ethernet Port
7 New generation of external ADSL modem/router with router and firewall integrated,
7 Max. downstream: 8Mbps, Upstream: 1Mpbs
7 Max. transmission distance: 5.4km
7 Compatible with varies of DSLAM's
7 Built-in PPPoE virtual dial-up program
7 Lightning-proof
7 Friendly web-based configuration interface.
7 Ethernet interface(RJ-45) : Connectible with NIC, HUB and Switch
7 POTS Line: RJ-11
7 Operating Environment Temperature: -200C to 700C, Humidity: 5% to 90%

ANSI T1.413 Issue 2
7 ITU G.992.1(G. dtm)
7 ITU G.992.2(G. lite)
7 RFC 1483/2684
(Ethernet over ATM bridge mode)

RFC 2516 (PPP over Ethernet)
7 AAL and ATM Supported: AAL5, UBR ATM, UNI 3.1, UNI 4.0
7 Static routing, dynamic routing(RIPv2) supported
7 Supporting access to internet through fixed IP, dynamic IP and PPPoE
7 DHCP, NAT, ICMP, IGMP supported
We offer customized solutions for ADSL modem, customer can choose freely on the chipsets, and modem cases they prefered, we can offer them with chipsets from Broadcom, Connexan, TI, ADI, Globespan, and we have more than tens of model of modem cases (we call these cases of open toolings which not belong to any specified customers, and can be used by everyone) , and customer can print their logo on the cases. Please click the picture to have a look on some of typical solutions we offer to our customers
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