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Conexant chipset, USB port (Bridge & Routing)

The product makes use of existing ordinary twisted paired telephone line to realize high-speed access to the Internet. The modem's USB capabilities allow for easy Plug-n-Play functionality with any standard USB port enabled desktop/laptop. The quick and user friendly installation process and little PC system resource occupation make it simply the most conveniect modem for households.
Product Features
7Support ADSL international standards: ANSIT1. 413 Issue 2, ITU-TG. 992. 1 (G. dmt) , ITU-TG. 992. 2 (G. lite) ;
7Transmission distance up to 5.5km, ddownstream up to 8Mbps, and upstream up to 1Mbps;
7Support Plug-n-Play;
7Bus powered. No external power supply needed;
7Simple and friendly Chinese/English configuration interfaces and corresponding monitor software, to update the network connection status in real time;
7Comply with main DSLAMs;
7PPPoE dial-up software with independent copyright;
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