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ADSL Splitter,
ADSL Filter

7 POTS -3dB, cut off frequency: 7/8kHz
7 POTS pass ripple loss: (20Hz to 4kHz) +/-0.5dB
7 Attenuation: 30-300kHz>-65dB, 30-1104kHz>-55dB
7 DC Resistance each line: 12.5 Ohms, Max.
7 Insertion loss (200Hz to 4kHz) : -0.5dB Max.
7 Return loss: 300-500Hz>-16dB, 500-2000Hz>-18dB, 2000-2400Hz>-18dB
7 Longitudinal balance (CMRR) :200Hz-1kHz) : -58dB Min. 3kHz: -53dB Min.
7 POTS loop current: 100mA DC
7 Envelope delay distortion (0.2 to 4.0kHz) : 100usec. Max.
7 Impedance (300Hz to 3.4kHz) : 600 Ohms
7 Hi-Pot test: Tip to Ring, DC 250V/1mA 2 Sec.
7 Built in lightning arrestor , with CE certificate, and RoHS compliance

We are one of major suppliers of ADSL filters and ADSL splitters for manufacturers and distributors of ADSL modem and other communication products, and we produce hundreds of thousands pieces of each day, and normally keep about a hundreds of thousands of splitters and filters at our stock, so it means that we can ship it as soon as we confirmed with the orders. We can provide them with most competitive prices and highest qualities
We have many varieties of models, it can be used for different countries with different communicating requirements, Some models are CE listed and Rohs compliant, with lightning arrestor built in side
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