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Amino ethyleth anolamine Features:
 Hydroxyethy ethylene diamine, colorless viscous liquid, is also
named Amino Ethyl Ethanolamine soluble in water and slightly
soluble in ether .
 It can absorb carbon dioxide in the air and had
a light smell of ammonia.
 Boiling point: 243.7 (0.098Mpa) , 103.7 (0.0013Mpa)
 Specific density::1.034(20/20)

Amino ethyleth anolamine Application:
Aminoethylethanolamine or AEEA is an organic base used in the industrial manufacture of fuel and oil additives, chelating agents and surfactants, among other things. It is used as additive to cosmetics(shampoo) and lubricants,
and is also as resin material and surface activator.
 Surface activator:It is used as raw material of surface activator
for imidazolineion, and as ampohoterics.
 Additive to detergent: It can prevent copper-nickel alloy from
 Additve to lubricant: It is added to lubricant in the form of a
polymer with methyl propyl acid. It is also used as antiseptic
agent and sludge dispersant.
 Raw material resin: It can be use as raw material of resin for
aqueous dispersion latex paint, paper and adhesives.
 Epoxy resin solidifier.
Hydroxyethy ethylene diamine Specification:
 Appearance: Transparent liquid without suspended matter
 Content: 99.40 % Min
 Chroma (platinum-cobolt) : 30 max
 Specific density: 1.030
Packing: Hydroxyethy ethylene diamine is packed in Iron drums of 210 kgs net each