Sell AIM Stock Market listing for Chinese Companies

AIM Stock Market listing for Chinese Companies
Concepton has launched a new service specifically focused on assisting Chinese companies list on the AIM market in the United Kingdom.

There is very significant interest in the growth of the Chinese economy. Many investors in the UK, Europe and North America would be eager to invest in established Chinese companies, provided the opportunity can be presented to them in a strong legal framework. This is where the AIM run by the London Stock Exchange comes into play.

The benefits of an AIM listing for a Chinese company are:

Fresh capital for investment in the company
* A higher international profile
* A strong base for expansion in Europe and North America
* Further opportunities for acquisition and other Market listings

Concepton has a dedicated team of professionals, with experience of business in London, New York, Singapore and Hong Kong. Our advisors are familiar with Chinese business practice and culture. Importantly, they are dedicated to helping our clients have the easiest and most profitable launch on the AIM market.