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Product Description

ZK 03~120

Cooling capacity from 17.8 to 2502 KW
Heating capacity from 29 to 1977 KW

Modular and Reasonable Design
Frame structure and modular design, which make compounding, design and model selection more convenient. Internal components configuration of this series go through thermal analysis, and internalairflow is strictly measured, ensuring reasonable layout.

Full range of specification and multi functions
Air volume of this series ranges from 3,000 to 120,000 m3/h, the basic 22 functional segments are suitable for various cases where have requirements for air conditioning adjustment

Abundant Compounding and Selection
This series of unit are recommended to provide 5400 basic combinations, which is convenient for usersdirect use and engineers design.

Optimal design and High Cost-efficiency
Computer aid optimized design and computer weighted average calculation of energy efficiency/unit volume cooling capacity/unit weight cooling capacity provide the most optimum power consumption, weight, size and price.

High-quality materials ensures high quality products
Clean and smooth cabinet surface prevents dust and bacteria sediment. Internal rustproof insulation material wont pollute air supply. The units are suitable for areas having high cleanness requirements such as hospital, electronic factories, food processing factory and pharmaceutical factory.

Reasonable structure for transport convenience
Aluminum alloy framework with the special mold processing aluminum prong provides precise
assembling size, convenient segments assembling, construct fastness and easily transportation.

Precise data and complete parameters
Accurate and reliable data are provided based on both of actual test and computer calculating. The parameters in special working conditions are also provided.

Available configurations
ZK W 03 - JT - L 4 - 1

(1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6)

(1) Horizontal structure

(2) Rated airflow: W1000m3/h

(3) Metal structure:
T Current air return working condition
X Fresh air working condition

(4) Direction of Nozzle
L Left hand side
R Right hand side

(5) Coil rows of heat exchanger:4,6,8

(6) Power Supply:
1 220/1/50
2 380/3/50
3 230/1/60
4 460/3/60
5 220/3/60
6 Other power supply


Functions and features

Air flow direction judgment method
Method 1:
Face the unit operation side, the unit with air flows from left to right is Right unit; flows from right to left is Left unit;
For floor standing units, depends on the air flow direction through the coil.
The operation side means the maintenance door or water pipe side. Normally the maintenance door, water connection pipe and humidifier connector etc are installed at same side.

Method 2:
Face the air inlet side and make the sight along with air flow direction. The unit with left side
cooling/heating media inlet/outlet water pipe is Left unit, vice versa.