Sell AK-T062

AK-T062 You May Also Be Interested In: blowing plastic computer brush diagonal pliers socket wrench steel measuring tape
Screwdriver Case 6pcs
Utility Knife 1pc
Hex Key 1.5-6MM 8pcs
Screwdriver 100x61 2pcs
Screwdriver 38x61 2pcs
Screwdriver 200x3.21 2pcs
Screwdriver 100x3.21 2pcs
Inductive Digital Test Pen 1pc
Wire Stripper 8" 1pc
Combination Pliers 8" 1pc
Long Nose Pliers 6" 1pc
Diagonal Pliers 6" 1pc
Adjustable Wrench 8" 1pc
Soldering Iron 220V/30W 1pc
Desoldering Pump 1pc
Computer Brush 1pc
PVC Insulation Tape 1pc
Solder Wire 1pc
Tweezers Pliers 1pc
Multimeter 1pc
Machinist Hammer 1pc
Square handle with ball 1pc
Parts case 1pc
Steel Measuring Tape 1pc
5-13mm socket wrench kits 9pcs
Bits Holder 1pc
Small saw frame with a plastic handl 1pc
(provided with 2 saw-blades)
Bits 10pcs
Air Blowing Plastic Case 1pc