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Product Description

Factory Manufacturer wholesale price Acekard 2 i Card, Acekard 2 i, AK2 i card, Acekard.
Touted as the budget alternative to their dual-memory NAND/MicroSD acekard R. P. G. , the acekard 2 inherits several of its superficial father's strong points - without the premium for built in flash memory.

The Acekard 2 i is the same size as an original game cart and you do not have to flash your machine or use a passme in order to use the Acekard 2. Never lost save data

Acekard 2 i inherit the best quality of acekard's products. AK2 i support clean rom and you can just drag and drop it on MicroSD card to run.

Loading would be a little long when first run a game due to creating save file. The load time will be very fast at the next time. Support Homebrew programs/games

Main Feature:

1. The first and only one flash card in the world which support Dual Storage! Support build in Nand Flash and micro SDHC card Both!
2. The first flash card in the world which support Auto Save Type Detection. Drag and drop to play.
3. The first flash card in the world which support Build In ROM Trimming.
4. 100% Support ALL games! Auto DLDI Patch!
5. The only one card which Opened All Source Code !
6. Support DIY and Custom Skin! Dynamic Change Skin!
7. Support Soft Reset and AR cheats and Download Play!
8. 7 Languages Internal! Modify and Expand free as your please.
9. Perfect compatibility. No need to convert, No need to flash!
10. Save file is written directly to TF card. No need to manually select save size, no data loss.
11. Automatic DLDI patching. Run homebrew programs without converting.
12. Support soft-reset, Download Play and WiFi gaming!
13. Support SDHC TF card. Virtually unlimited storage size !
14. Support any brand of TF, with no slowdown!
15. Support Action Replay cheats . Build-in editor!
16. Low power consumption for longer operational time