ALLSCANNER PROFESSIONAL KIT Compatible with TOYOTA LEXUS TIS You May Also Be Interested In: allscanner gps modules lexus tis wireless ethernet
ALLSCANNER. AS800ALSCAN (VCX. interface) offers a superset of ALSCAN2534 functionality. It supports standard PassThru communication, plus hosts applications internally, plus adds two protocols, plus extra voltages needed for ECU reprogramming, wireless ethernet, or GPS modules.

Standalone operations
ALLSCANNER runs it's own operating system which allows it to be used as a standalone tool without a PC attached during operation. Imagine writing your own C/C++ application to perform an on-road test, then use 802.11A/B/G WiFi to wirelessly download a vehicle's data as soon as it re-enters the repair facility. Your program could access GPS compact flash card to capture location information about the test-drive, or use a cellular modem and download telemetry from live tests! For standalone applications, this provides the features of a PC host and a PassThru device all in one package.
* Note: This package does NOT provide software applications. This is responsibility of the buyer.
(Software Specification Vedix. is the latest diagnostic software platform of ALLScanner. to work with the hardware of VCX., the characters be shown as below:
* Diagnostic software can be operated under WinCE and Windows, available installation for Laptop or PDA.
* Automotive Diagnostic language (VDL) exploitation platform based on XML by self-determination and high efficiency database management system, these will make it easily to explore the vehicles.
* Continuously update for diagnostic software remotely. )

Customers Applications
* J2534 Independent Repair Facility tool
* Diagnostics using 3rd party applications *
* In-vehicle pass-thru data logging
* Standalone data logging or monitoring
* Fleet or public transportation data acquisition
* OEM Engineering
* OEM calibration reprogramming
* End-of-Line testing
* Dealer Service Tools
* 3rd party integrated solutions
* Specialized Customers

Hardware VCX. interface
CPU 16 digit Dual Cell specialize CPU
Diagnostic Port 24PIN, self-determination design
Wireless Port 802.11b/g WIFI wireless
LED 4 LED indicator light, indicate power and status.
Power DC 9V-28V
Consumption 3W
Size 156(L) x86(W) x35(H) mm
Working Temperature -20 to +70degrees
StorageTemperature -40 to 85degrees

Package including:
VCX. interface
Software Vedix. work with tens of cars
Cables for cars communication
10" tablet PC with TIS TECHSCREAM (optional)
Power supply
Carrying case

Tablet PC specification
* CPU VIA C7-M. Mobile processor 1.2GHz
* Memory 1G
* Storage device HDD 30G 1.8inch
* Display 7" 16:9 touch TFT, with solution 800*480
* Audio Device Input: built-in mic input interface
* Vedio Device built-in high definition 300K webcam
* Network Device 10/100 MB ethernet interface, built in
wifi, Support IEEE 802.11. B/G standard
* Battery 2200MA/10.8V Li-battry, working hour :2-3H
* Input Device touch and hand-writing panel
support USB2.0 built-out mouse, high sentisitive touch pad
*Interface USB connection: USB2.0 X 3
* Vedio interface: VGAX1
* Audio interface :h3.5mm/40mw X 2 stereo earphone
output, h3.5mm/-56dB mic input
* Network interface: RJ-45
* SD/MMC storage extension slot , max extension to 32GB
DC19V/3A adapter