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1. Perforated Ceramic Ball
a new product based on our Inert Alumina Ball. The perforated ceramic ball can comprehensively used in petrochemical industry, chemical industry, natural gas industry, etc. , and replace the inert alumina ball as catalyst support and covering packing.
2. Porous Ceramic Ball
According to the impurities, impurity contents, particle sizes of the processing materials in dry-adsorption of hydro-material and hydrogen-making, customers can choose different diameters and holes of Porous Ceramic Balls. And according to your requirements, we can add the active ingredients in formula of balls, such as Mo (Molybdenum) , Ni (Nickel) , Co (Cobalt) , etc. , to prevent the catalyst from poisoning and coking.
3. Activated Alumina Ceramic Ball
a new support packing in reactor. Its based on the inert alumina ball, and little transitional metallic oxide is added in the formula of inert alumina ball. So not only this ball has the same characteristics of heat resistance and high mechanical strength as inert alumina ball, but also it can function as filter, disperser of liquid and vapor, cover and support for catalyst. And it has some definite catalytic activities, it function as catalyst in processing procedure of hydro-olefine, desulphurization, denitrification.
4. Inert Alumina Ceramic Ball
5. Thermal Storage Ceramic Ball
6. Refractory Ceramic Ball & Plate
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